Management Team

Joe Ratterman

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Based in Kansas City

Joe Ratterman is president, chief executive officer and chairman of BATS Global Markets, the parent company of the BATS Exchanges, BATS Options and BATS Europe. He also holds the same titles with the BATS Exchanges. Mr. Ratterman joined BATS as a founding employee in 2005 and initially served as executive vice president and chief operating officer until mid-2007.

Chris Isaacson

Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Based in Kansas City

Chris Isaacson is a founding employee and was promoted to chief operating officer at BATS Global Markets in July 2007. He is also a senior vice president of the firm. Mr. Isaacson is responsible for ensuring BATS remains an innovative, world-class leader in technology and his leadership has helped BATS grow quickly.

Brian Schell

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Based in Kansas City

Brian Schell joined BATS as chief financial officer in March 2011 and is also a senior vice president of the firm.

Mark Hemsley

Chief Executive Officer, BATS Europe

Based in London

Mark Hemsley joined BATS in April 2008 as chief executive officer of BATS Europe taking a pioneering role as one of the division’s first employees. Under Mr. Hemsley's leadership, BATS Europe has become a dominant player amongst pan-European trading venues and is recognized as a leader in market structure, technology and innovation.

Tami Schademann

Senior Vice President, Chief Regulatory Officer

Based in Kansas City

Tami Schademann joined BATS as a founding employee in 2005 and has led the regulatory and compliance department since that time. She was named chief regulatory officer and senior vice president of BATS Global Markets in 2008.

Eric Swanson

Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Based in New York

Eric Swanson joined BATS Global Markets as general counsel in January 2008 and continues to lead the BATS legal team.

Ken Conklin

Senior Vice President, Global Head of Business Development and Marketing

Based in Kansas City

Ken Conklin was promoted to senior vice president, business development, at BATS Global Markets in August 2007. Mr. Conklin was the driving force behind much of the company’s European expansion and spent two years in London focusing on the start-up of BATS Europe. He was also instrumental in the research and development for BATS Options and is spearheading BATS’ efforts to explore the Brazilian market.

Jeromee Johnson

Vice President, Head of BATS Options

Based in Kansas City

Jeromee Johnson joined BATS Global Markets in March 2009 as vice president of market development and leads BATS Options, the company’s U.S. equity options exchange. Mr. Johnson’s vision and hard work has helped BATS Options grow quickly.

Joe Bracco

Vice President, Head of U.S. Sales

Based in New York

Joe Bracco was named vice president and head of U.S. sales for BATS Global Markets in December 2009. An industry veteran, Mr. Bracco joined BATS in February 2008 as director, U.S. sales, managing client accounts and all relationships related to the dissemination of BATS market data.

Randy Williams

Vice President, Investor Relations and Communications

Based in New York

Randy Williams was named vice president, communications, for BATS Global Markets in March 2008. He joined BATS in October 2006 as communications specialist.

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