Holidays & Hours

Trading Hours (expressed in UK local time)

Bats BXE & CXE Order Book Environments (Monday to Friday)

07:50 Pre Market Open (Exchange Trade Reports (ETRs) can be submitted and opening auction will begin on the Bats Regulated Market (RM))
08:00 Official Market Open. Start of Continuous Trading Session (this may be delayed up to 08:06:30 on the Bats RM if the opening auction triggers extension periods)
16:30 Official Market Closed (End of Continuous Trading Session. All outstanding day Orders are cancelled, although submission of ETRs can continue. The closing auction will begin on the Bats RM)
16:35 Bats RM closing auction uncrossing (This may be extended up to a maximum of 16:41:30 if all extension periods were to be triggered)
18:00 After Market Closed (ETRs can no longer be submitted)*

*The Exchange Trade Report (ETR) service will close in a market segment at 18:00, providing that market segment has been open partially for that day (i.e. half day) and Bats is open for a full day trading in any market segment. On Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, the ETR service will close 1 hour after the close of continuous trading of the last market segment.

Bats TRF Off Exchange Reporting Environment

Monday - Friday
07:15 to 17:15
Service Hours

(Note: If any market segment is open on the Bats trading platforms, the TRF environment will be available for the normal service hours with the exception of Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve when the TRF environment will close 45 minutes after the last market on Bats trading platforms closes.)


CSV Download Expand


Monday - Friday
18:15 to 06:00
Network Maintenance

Please be aware that momentary connectivity interruptions may occur during this maintenance window.