Become a Participant of Bats Europe

Bats Europe (Bats) has a diverse group of trading Participants that continues to grow. Click here for a list of some of the firms currently trading on Bats. Please see our Document Library for a list of all other agreements, price lists, specifications and manuals you may need. If you would like help through the application process, please contact our Sales team at or +44 20 7012 8906.

Your firm must be either an EEA regulated investment firm or credit institution.

Firms that are not EEA regulated may also be eligible to become a Participant, and should contact Participant Services to find out if they are able to qualify. Note: The steps set out below can be completed separately or in parallel.

Step 1: Documentation

Please review the agreement then complete the application form and e-mail it to Participant Services:

You should also review the Rule Book and the Participant Manual, which set out policies, procedures and technology used by Bats, and the UK SDRT Intermediaries Relief Form if you intend to trade UK stocks. For more information on Step #1, please contact Participant Services.

Participant Services

Phone: +44 20 7012 8902

Step 2: Market Data

Firms can choose to receive Market Data directly from Bats or via a third party vendor. For more information about the use of Bats’ market data please review the following documents:

If you would like to receive or distribute Market Data directly from Bats, please review and complete the following documents:

Firms who wish to receive Market Data via a vendor will need to sign an agreement with their chosen vendor and should also review the Bats Market Data Policy.

For more information on Step #2, please contact the Market Data team.

Market Data

Phone: +44 20 7012 8907

Step 3: Connection

Firms can connect to Bats directly or via a service provider. To learn about connectivity to Bats, click the documents below.

If your firm trades via a hosted Service Provider solution, contact your representative and ask them to add Bats as a destination to your firm's account. You can view a list of Service Providers that have established relationships with Bats. For more information on Step #3, please contact the Bats Trade Desk.

Trade Desk

Phone: +44 20 7012 8901

Step 4: Clearing

Your firm will need to have appropriate clearing arrangements in place with a central counterparty.

Review the Trade Clearing Process flyer for more information on interoperable clearing available at Bats.

After your firm's connection to Bats has been established and the documentation is in place, you'll make your first trade to verify the clearing process. Then you're ready to enjoy the low-cost, high-speed trading that Bats provides.

For more information on Step #4, please contact:

Post Trade

Phone: +44 20 7012 8957